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Waterslade was founded in 1991 and since then has provided analysis services to property developers, architects, planning consultants and surveyors. We have participated in some 450 major development projects throughout the UK. Our major specialisation is rights of light, daylight and sunlight analysis.

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Waterslade has many years of expertise in developing scientific and technical software. Often the problems addressed are best 3d modelling solved and visualised in 3D, so that it is natural to work within a 3D CAD based environment. Our environment of choice is AutoCAD. In this case large applications can be developed, which run within AutoCAD, and produce results that can be directly visualised within AutoCAD. Waterslade are registered AutoCAD developers, so that we have close links with waterslade Autodesk, ensuring we are at the leading edge of technological progress. An example of one such application is:

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Sol for AutoCAD Sol is rights of light uk designed for use by professionals in the field of Rights of Light, Daylight and Sunlight. It is a very powerful tool which allows calculations to be performed on development sites ranging in size from a simple house extension to the largest in the country. After having constructed a 3D CAD model of the surrounding buildings, the existing buildings and the uk daylight and sunlight proposed development, the software performs the various analyses, allowing an instant assessment of whether infringement occurs. fly throughs and over shadowing The software has had many man-years of development effort and is currently used by many of the leading consultants in the field. Specification Calculation of Rights of Light contours Calculation of BRE Vertical Sky Component Calculation of BRE Average Daylight Factor Calculation of BRE Sunlight availability.Bespoke solutions bre Waterslade has a strong team of software engineers who can undertake bespoke software development - please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

We use the uk aerial photography following software packages: AutoCAD, 3D studio MAX, 3D studio VIZ, Radio-Ray, Lightscape, Radiance, POV ray, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Excel, Powerpoint, Quicktime, Macromedia Director. We have a large aerial surveys uk network of NT and Linux workstations.