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Waterslade Ltd was founded in 1993 and has since provided high-quality software and consultancy services for property developers, architects, planning consultants and surveyors. Waterslade has participated in many hundreds of major development projects throughout the UK, with a particular emphasis on central London.

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Rights to Light

Property developers and property owners should be aware of the fact that even after a development has been granted planning permission, it can be opposed on the grounds of rights of light. This presents an additional risk for property developers, and an additional weapon for property owners. Generally the courts would act to uphold the rights of residential owners more stringently than commercial owners, so that residential properties can be a strong constraint on the extent of development. However, owners of any property, commercial or residential, can constrain development if they can demonstrate they have rights which have been infringed. To this end, we can produce site envelopes defining the 3D space which can be developed without infringing any rights of light.

Daylight & Sunlight

We can advise developers, architects, surveyors and local authorities on the extent to which their proposed development meets the BRE guidelines. In cases where the development blocks light to key windows, we can advise exactly how far a scheme would have to be reduced in order to meet the guidelines. We can also advise surrounding property owners on the extent of any breach of the guidelines, providing a strong case for the reduction of any such development.

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